1940 Ford Convertible is Treated to Mild-custom Style… And Then Some

A hot rodder/racer for the past three-plus decades, NorCal commercial glass contractor knows his way around a finely built, finely tuned machine - whether it’s a 6-second run down the quarter at Famoso in his 1957 Pro-Mod, or a 6-hour cruise down the coast in his Brizio-built full-fendered Deuce roadster.

South City Rod & Custom: Restoring Iconic Cars from the Past

Bill Ganahl may be the son of hot rod historian Pat Ganahl but he’s been carrying his own place in hot rod history, thanks to the unique cars he’s building at his shop in South City Rod & Custom.

When you look in the hot rod history books, it’s likely that you’ll see the name “Ganahl” come up quite frequently. Whether Pat Ganahl was writing about hot rods or the industry’s happenings in one of a number of the industry’s biggest publications, or sitting in the driver’s seat himself, he’s ingrained in the history of the hobby.